Productivity hacks for teens - Easy habits to upgrade your life🎯

Lifestyle Oct 1, 2021

Raise your hands if you thought you'd be living your ✨ teenage dream ✨ that you see in the movies. Well, bud, nobody in the wildest of their dreams could have imagined that they would witness a full-blown pandemic in their lifetime, but here we are!

Keeping a self-check is as important as taking care of your friends and family. The constant need to learn more and grow more can sometimes be exhausting. While there are thousands of things to cater to on your list, productivity is another element that requires some attention and smart techniques. 💡

While there is only so much that one can do at home to be the best version of themselves, it's always a good idea to take care of yourself in these tough times. That may not be so easy to implement, but we take baby steps to get started! 👣

Get 8 hours of sleep 😴

Who doesn't want a healthy sleeping schedule? Nobody. After the blessings of the Internet gods for giving us thousands of shows to binge-watch, it's great to hold onto spoilers, but giving your eyes some rest (8 hours) will do wonders to your health, we promise 👉👈

Utilize your mornings ☀️

Got any tasks on priority? Make use of the healthy flow of brain juices in the morning and focus better! Research shows that early risers are overall more productive than night owls. They also earn more and are highly successful.

Enroll yourself in online courses 💻

Are you constantly submerging yourself in the vast galaxies of information out there? Well, online courses are for you. They consist of short videos, often with cited examples and illustrations to make you understand a concept better. They are undoubtedly one of the most efficient ways to gain certain skills easily!

Set goals. Reward yourself 🏆

Positive reinforcement refers to the introduction of a reward after a behaviour. Research shows that rewarding oneself after a particular behaviour makes it repetitive. Simply put, if you reward yourself after checking off a task on your to-do list, it is highly likely that you will finish all of the other tasks as well!

The most important tip out of all is to take a break and breathe! Pushing yourself beyond your capability may sound like a great idea but it may hold back on your productivity levels!

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